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The Chimneys & Fireplaces of Edwardsville, KS

As our service technicians visited the area over the last thirty years, we have seen a pattern of chimney types and problems common to the city. We often see:


Dated chimneys often have damaged flue tiles and crowns. These chimneys usually did not have caps installed, which exposes them to potential debris and animal entry.

Damaged Flue Tiles in Edwardsville
Damaged Flue Tiles


Not all homes have masonry chimneys but instead, have manufactured chimneys like this one. These kinds of chimneys require their own kind of maintenance and upkeep.

Manufactured Chimney in Edwardsville
Manufactured Chimney


Older chimneys can be updated with new parts or replaced entirely with inserts or individual units.

Woodburning Stove in Edwardsville
Woodburning Stove


If you notice your chimney structure being compromised or are interested in updating and remodeling options for your fireplace unit, call Full Service Chimney to schedule an appointment with our helpful technicians. 913-642-6171.

A Quick History of Edwardsville, KS

Edwardsville was part of the frontier inhabited by the Delaware Indians when they were moved here from eastern states taken by the government in the 1820s. When fur and other tradespeople used the Missouri River to travel to the area, Edwardsville was part of the prairie that was settled by pioneers looking to benefit from the land and commercial opportunities. In 1869, the area was surveyed and named after John H. Edwards who worked in the railroad industry before becoming the justice of the peace and a state senator. The town stayed under 700 people until the 1970s when urban sprawl sparked development in the Kansas City metro areas. The population jumped to 3,300 during that time. Although it sits on 9 square miles, since then, Edwardsville has only increased by around 1,000 residents. People of the town can utilize the offerings of nearby larger cities while enjoying the peaceful scenery of their quiet community.

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