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The Fireplaces & Chimneys of Greenwood, MO


The diverse age of homes in the city gives a variety of construction materials and designs. Each has its own specific care requirements to keep it in safe working order. Masonry chimneys should be inspected to be sure the structural integrity of the materials is still in good condition, the crown is not damaged and is sealed, and the flue has an intact liner. Flue liners can be added to homes that did not include them in the original construction.

Greenwood Masonry Chimney
Masonry Chimney with Liner and Caps


Pre-manufactured chimneys also need liners and caps. Liners help keep the chimney materials protected from the high temperatures of the fire. A cap helps keep debris and animals from getting into the flue and potentially causing damage or house fire.

Greenwood Pre-Fab Chimney
Pre-Fab Chimney


Older chimneys can be updated with gas fireplace inserts and accessories. There are many options to help you create your own designs and vision.


Greenwood Gas Fireplace
Gas Fireplace

Whatever your fireplace needs may be, let Full Service Chimney help make your fireplace safe and enjoyable.


A Quick History of Greenwood, MO

Greenwood was established in 1867 by Reverend S.B. Clark and three other settlers in the area. Clark named the area for the greenery and elm trees that saturated the landscape. Just three years later, Lincoln College and a mercantile were opened. By 1900, 300 people were living in the community and the railroad brought 100 trains through the depot per day. Missouri Highway 150 was built through the town in 1927 although the town stayed roughly the same size. The largest eras of growth were the 1960s and the 1990s but still sits on a modest 4 square miles. Greenwood is a great community for those who like the quiet pace of a small town with the convenience of nearby Lee’s Summit.

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