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The Chimneys & Fireplaces of Olathe, Kansas


Olathe has seen so much growth since its incorporation in1857, so the age and variety of homes and chimneys are numerous. The majority of the homes with fireplaces and chimneys were constructed between 1970-1999. This period of construction used a mix of masonry and factory-built fireplaces and prefab chimneys and included clay liners. The average usable lifespan of masonry chimneys is 15 years.

The average for factory built is 10 years. Because of their age and general wear, most of the fireplaces and chimneys in Olathe have been repaired, replaced, or are currently in need of maintenance and restoration.

Trust Full Service Chimney For Your Maintenance and Repairs

Full Service Chimney has been servicing Olathe fireplaces since 1989, so you can trust that we are familiar with the area and the pattern of repairs. The stainless steel systems our company installs as new or replacement chimney liners offer the advantage of minimum demolition to the aging chimney and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Some of the original stainless steel liners installed at the beginning of our thirty years of service are still in good working condition. In addition to linings, factory-built fireplaces and chimney repair are a frequent project for Full Service Chimney in Olathe, Kansas. While most of the town’s chimneys have simply “worn out”, occasionally repairs need to be made due to poor original installation. Our team can identify any issues with your unit and perform proper maintenance and repair.

Full Service Chimney offers comprehensive chimney inspection services for homeowners and for those who are looking to buy and sell.

What to Expect

First, Full Service Chimney schedules an appointment to have one of our certified technicians inspect the chimney and fireplace. Next, we publish a report with photos and evaluations and offer options for needed repairs. Our team will complete your service with guaranteed quality and satisfaction.

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A Quick History of Olathe, KS

Olathe, pronounced “O-Lay’-tha”, is the Shawnee Indian word for “beautiful” which is how settler Dr. John T. Barton described the flower saturated prairie land that he incorporated in 1857. What started as the second little prairie town in Johnson County soon became a fast-growing landmark of historical events.
The neighboring state of Missouri’s involvement in the Confederacy complicated the relationship when Kansas entered the Union as a free state. Olathe became a post to Union militia shortly after joining. Subsequently, Olathe was victim to a raid by William Quantrill and a guerrilla of Confederate soldiers that left some dead and the city destroyed in 1862. The military post was decommissioned in 1865, but the town became a hub for travelers on the Oregon, California, and Santa Fe Trails. The Mahaffie House was a supply store for wagons and is still maintained as a historical site and interactive museum by the city today. After the intercontinental railroad was built, Olathe tourism died down and the city subsided into a sleepy small town.
In the 1950’s, the interstate system, specifically I-35, built through Olathe brought substantial residential and then economic growth. Because of this surge, it is now the fourth largest city in Kansas with an estimated population of 135,000 people, according to the city website. The city offers two lakes, several parks and trails, and multiple public amenities. With a low crime rate, a sound economy, affordable cost of living, and support from surrounding cities, Money magazine ranked Olathe 11th in the “100 Best Cities to Live in the United States” in 2008.
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