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We provide Complete Fireplace and Chimney Service to Osawatomie, KS:

*Please note Osawatomie is outside of our regular service area and there may be an additional trip charge due to seasonal adjustments. Rest assured we will always inform you at the time of scheduling. 

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The Fireplaces & Chimneys of Osawatomie, Kansas



Because of the town’s longstanding history and abundance of aged homes, we often see many of the same needs when our technicians visit. It is important to have your fireplace and chimney inspected regularly to keep it in safe working order. For example, masonry chimneys may often need bricks replaced or areas where a new seal is required. This maintains structural integrity and protects the bricks from the elements. This is also true for crowns on top of the masonry chimney structure.

Masonry Chimney with Damaged Brickwork needs repair In Osawatomie
Masonry Chimney with Damaged Brickwork
Many older chimneys were not built with flue liners. Both traditional woodburning fireplaces and more modern gas fireplaces should have flue liners installed to make the chimney safer and help prevent house fires.
Unlined Fireplace Insert in Osawatomie chimney sweep appointment
Unlined Fireplace Insert
Sometimes the original liner was not installed with correct materials or up to code and will need to be replaced.
Fireplace Insert Reline in Osawatomie after repair

Fireplace Insert Reline

Regardless of your needs, Full Service Chimney can help you with all things fireplace and chimney. Call 913-642-6171 today to schedule an appointment with our certified technicians.


Full Service Chimney now inspects, cleans, and repairs Osawatomie chimney’s… as we’ve done for Kansas City families for over 30 years! 

Full Service Chimney is the Chimney Sweep for Osawatomie, KS
Full Service Chimney is the Chimney Sweep for Osawatomie, KS

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A Quick History of Osawatomie, KS

Osawatomie got its name from a clever combination of the two rivers that border it, the Osage and the Pottawatomie. These rivers were named after the Native American tribes that lived in the area. Eventually, the Osage River was called Marias Des Cygnes by French settlers and the name stuck. The area was settled by abolitionists in 1854 who intended to help Kansas become a free state and aid slaves to freedom. Reverend Samuel Adair and his wife Florella built a cabin to serve as a mission for the community members. Florella’s half-brother, John Brown, moved to Osawatomie with five of his sons in 1855. John was a staunch abolitionist and brought with him a wagon full of weapons to give to free-staters to fight the southern sympathizers with. John Brown’s efforts became a major part of Osawatomie’s history as he led the Battle of Osawatomie which led to deaths for both sides and most of the town being burned down in 1856. The townspeople rebuilt and began to grow. Osawatomie was the host of the first Kansas Republican Convention in 1859. In 1866, the state government opened the first mental health hospital on this side of the Mississippi River. The hospital is still running to this day.

The city was chartered in 1883. When the railroad was built through Osawatomie in 1879, it spurred growth and commerce and brought the town population to 2,500 by 1910. Over the last century, the town population has stayed around 4,000 people. Osawatomie residents enjoy their own school system with a modern fitness and aquatic center for the public, a city lake, and 18 hole golf course. Osawatomie is proud of its past and has a John Brown museum, several historical sites and buildings, as well as yearly festivals to keep the memories and stories alive.

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