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The city’s growth over the last one hundred years has seen many different housing trends as well as changes in codes and standards. With that, Full Service Chimney provides several services to maintain and update fireplaces and chimneys to modern looks and safety standards. Keeping the crown in proper working order and adding a cap to keep debris and animals out is essential for safety.

Chimney Sweep Crown Cap Repair in Ottawa, KS
Crown and Cap Repair in Ottawa, KS

Manufactured chimneys use a chase cover instead of a crown for the same purpose. These can be installed after original construction as needed.

Ottawa, KS Chimney and Chase Cover
Chimney and Chase Cover in Ottawa, KS

Both masonry and manufactured chimneys and hearths should be inspected outside and in so that they are properly cleaned and repairs are made before use.

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Manufactured Chimney in Ottawa, KS
Manufactured Chimney Inspection in Ottawa, KS

Full Service Chimney now inspects, cleans, and repairs Ottawa chimney’s… as we’ve done across Kansas City for over 30 years! 

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A Known History of Ottawa, KS

 Co-Op and old depot in Ottawa, KS
Co-Op and old depot in Ottawa, KS
When the Ottawa tribe agreed to give up their land in Ohio for 34,000 acres in Kansas in 1834, Ottawa, Kansas was established. John Tecumseh Jones, who was half Potawatomi and half Euro heritage, was appointed by the government to assist the tribe in establishing themselves in the area. Unfortunately, the new environment proved to be detrimental to the tribe’s health. Reverend Jotham Meeker was living at the Shawnee Mission north of Ottawa’s land and would visit the tribe to offer medical assistance and care for the people. He and his wife eventually moved there and established a trade and agricultural education center called the Ottawa Indian Baptist Mission. This was a place where missionaries would teach natives how to read and write and learn agricultural techniques. The first settlement off of the Mission was built in 1864 on what is now the corner of Walnut and 1st Street. In 1867, the Ottawa sold the rest of their land and moved to Indian Territory in Oklahoma.
The town prospered in the 1870s and the citizens worked hard to grow business and development opportunities to benefit the town and provide employment. A park and the courthouse were built by 1900. In 1925, a bridge was built over the river that flows through town extending Main Street to the north. Because of Ottawa’s location in the Marias Des Cygne Valley, it was prone to flooding and did have some significant floods, even submerging one-third of the city in 1951. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers built a system of pumps and levees in the 1960s to help prevent future floods.
Courthouse in Ottawa, KS
Courthouse in Ottawa, KS
Although the town has had a few thousand residents since it was incorporated, it has steadily grown and is home to 12,300 people now. The biggest little town in the area offers everything from boutiques to large retail stores, local restaurants to well-known chains, several local businesses utilizing the historic downtown area, and higher education options like Ottawa University and Neosho County Community College.
Buildings in Downtown Ottawa, KS
Buildings in Downtown Ottawa, KS