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The Chimneys & Fireplaces of Parkville, MO



Parkville, Missouri was founded in the latter half of the 1800s. So, as you might expect, most of the original structures and their chimneys are long gone. The city is fortunate that a handful of original buildings have been preserved. Now, much of this area’s fireplaces and chimneys are similar to the rest of the Kansas City metro area, with exceptions of course. 

stone masonry chimney
stone masonry chimney


Most notable has been the servicing of “one of a kind” fireplaces. This could be because a number of the homes were built by tradespeople outside the area or a custom home for the discriminating homeowner who wanted their fireplace and chimney to reflect their past and personality.


Housing Boom Brings a Chimney Style Fusion to Neighborhoods

Many of these homes were constructed in the building boom of the 1980’s through 2000.  This would account for the factory built, or mass produced fireplace and pre-fab chimney in a home next to a masonry built chimney, and a custom designed fireplace in a period living room. 

factory-built chimney
Factory-built chimney

On occasion, these unique fireplaces and chimneys have performance or safety problems. When an extraordinary amount of focus is put on “the style”, I have seen an absence of good, fundamental construction practices. Sometimes the fireplace simply needs to be adjusted to a smaller size, or the top of the chimney must be re-worked so we can install traditional chimney caps.

Parkville is a beautiful city and part of that beauty is the numerous trees found there.  Now and again, the growth of limbs go unnoticed by homeowners and this can damage a chimney top to the point of needing a new chimney cap, chase cover (a metal crown), or brick repair.

Not only would Full Service Chimney love the opportunity to visit one of the prettiest cities in the metro area and possibly discover another unique chimney, we would also love to help you maintain and preserve your piece of this historical and beautiful city.  


A Quick History of Parkville, MO



Parkville, MO was established in 1844 by its first settler and namesake, George S. Park, who had purchased the site and built a home on the bluff of the Missouri River in 1838. The town began to thrive in 1850 breeding trade, growth, and historical controversy. Park College was built in 1875 and with it came new shops, stores, and hotels for the 482 residents. While the population has grown significantly since then, now at approximately 6,000, many of the same shops and stores are being used to sustain the towns two hundred businesses and culturally rich community. 



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