Chimney Storm Damage Repair

Chimney Storm Damage Repair is an unfortunate but often necessary service offered by the Certified Chimney Technicians at Full Service Chimney.

Acts of nature though unavoidable can devastate a chimney. A damaged chimney can cause damage to spread across the entire home. Full Service Chimney restores chimneys and can undo the damage caused by storms. Should you need assistance preparing for an insurance claim, our staff will be happy to help.

Damage from storms if left untreated may allow:

  • Animals to freely enter your chimney and fireplace
  • Storm damage to the exterior chimney and surrounding areas
  • Water damage to the homes interior walls or ceilings
  • Fire-Safety issues (some of which are not noticed until the next season.)

Call us today with questions regarding storm damage or to schedule an appointment. Call 913-642-6171 today.

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