If you spend any time researching the internet, then you’ll notice there are quite a few myths floating around out there. Today we’d like to set the record straight with 4 myths about buying gas fireplace products.

Many choose to believe certain things are true when in fact, they are not. We’re going to dig into the reality of purchasing gas-fueled products so you can make the right decisions for your home and hearth!

In this post, we review and mostly disprove four gas fireplace myths based on the following claims we’ve heard people make:

  • Myth 1: gas logs make your fireplace look fake
  • Myth 2: gas products are super expensive
  • Myth 3: the insert style units all need electricity to operate
  • Myth 4: (the worst claim of all) is that gas fireplaces don’t put out enough heat into the room. GASP!!

Don’t believe it. Let’s dive in and discover the truth.

Myth #1: “They Don’t Look Real”

How pleasantly surprised our customers are when we share with them the benefits of a gas log fireplace system or inserts. Gas logs can and DO look real when you choose the right set and have it professionally installed.

For example, modern gas log manufacturers style gas log sets using real wood as a mold. This ensures the logs visually have an organic wood appearance. The flames dance naturally against the logs.

Gas logs in Kansas City

Example: Notice how the artificial logs in the firebox above look like real wooden logs because they were molded using real wood!

Modern burning appliances now have even more options than ever before. With a purchased set of burner logs, you can choose a variety of other accessories beyond wood!

Large and small stones are increasing in popularity, giving the feel of an almost mythical flame in a fantasy tale. 

Fire glass media come in assorted colors and are not only beautiful but allow the option of tying in other colors into the room’s hearth.

Finally, with custom firebox panels and LED lighting, your fireplace can become the focal design feature of the room.

Tempered Fireplace Glass Bits

Example: shown clear glass goes on top of the burner, as would any stone or pebble variety of media.

Myth #2: “They Do Not Add Heat”

The efficiency of gas-fueled hearth products has improved in recent years. Due mostly to manufacturers taking lessons learned from the heating and cooling industry and applying them to inserts/fireplaces.

Compared to traditional open fireplaces, direct vent (DV) systems produce enough warmth to keep a large portion of the home warm, even during a power failure. Customers who have had issues with cold air coming down the chimney (making a room unloveable in the winter), now flock to the hearth to sit near the cozy, warm fireside.

Why More People are Choosing DV Fireplaces

Many families are re-discovering their fireplaces after having shunned them for years (due to using them with wood, which actually made the home colder). It’s no longer a concern with direct vent technology since these units use outdoor air for combustion. Essentially solving the problem when “all the heat goes up the chimney”.

Read more about how these new sealed systems work on this page


Myth #3: “They Cost Too Much to Operate”

Older gas logs in open fireplaces did indeed cost more to operate than most consumers thought was acceptable, but times have changed. An open-hearth design (like those found in the midwest areas we serve) used household air for both primary and secondary combustion air. Meaning the air in the furnace working hard to heat was going UP the chimney!! The energy loss of heated air going out of the house and the additional fuel it consumed meant every hour of use was several dollars of energy cost.

It’s no wonder this myth still exists, because in many circumstances people are still experiencing it! This is a perfect example of how certified chimney technicians can help you understand why this happens and how to stop it.

Your local professional can help you keep the heat in the house and not break the bank! 

Should You Keep the Old Logs or Upgrade?

Those older types of logs made of ceramic or refractory cement are still excellent accessories for the existing wood burning system. That is if the fire is only burned occasionally and heat production isn’t a necessary feature for the household. Meaning if you need a fire to heat your home, then this is not your best choice. 

Now, there are excellent options available for the regular vented logs of yesteryear. Ventless designs have become a popular option for customers who understand the benefits and the dangers. Most consumers find the odors, moisture, and concerns of venting a natural gas or propane fueled appliance into the same room that they’re living in a major deal-breaker! 

You Can Save Money

Thanks to the new technology in DV fireplaces and inserts, having a beautiful fire that is efficient and safe to use is now a reality. Direct vents put as much as 80% of their energy back into the home, supplementing the home’s heating system and saving you money.

Myth #4: “Gas Fireplaces Need Electricity to Work”

FALSE. Gas fireplaces do not need electricity unless it has certain features that require an electrical connection.

Many beautiful gas hearth appliances and accessories available today are NOT dependent on connecting to your homes’ electrical systems.

When Electricity is Required

So there is some truth to the myth in certain situations. For instance: If you want features like auxiliary LED lighting or blowers to circulate the heated air faster, then your installation plans must include routing electricity to the firebox. (Of course, there’s the option to tolerate a cord across your hearth, but that’s not preferred).

Gas logs installed in masonry fireplace with glass doors

Example: Set of ceramic logs installed into a pre-existing masonry fireplace with glass doors. This setup does not need electricity to run.

If a fan and lights are not necessary to your setup, then there are many options to choose from both in ceramic log sets or the new highly efficient DV style inserts.

Why go through another winter not enjoying your fireplace?

Have you stopped using your fireplace because getting a wood fire going is too time-consuming?

We understand because many of our customers have given up trying, but with the modern realistic flames and fire burning options now available, the possibilities are endless!  If you’re in our service area, then you’re just a call away from getting a fireplace you and your family can enjoy daily, with the push of a button!

Watch this video of the most Heartwarming Reaction ever from one of our customers when she turned on their new gorgeous remote controlled fireplace system.

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