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The Chimneys & Fireplaces of Fairway, KS

Updated Fairway Chimney with Caps
Updated Fairway Chimney with Caps
The Timeless style and amenities of Fairway

The city of Fairway, Kansas has homes built in the period of the 1930s through the 1950s, in keeping with the builder, J.C. Nichols’, designs. They consist of modest cottages as well as more majestic residences, such as those found in Mission Hills. A typical fireplace of this time would be in the family room, of rectangular shape, and its hearth would be flush with the floor level. Often, the chimney would be adjacent to the garage and serve the utilities that vented from the furnace and water heater in the basement, as well as the fireplace.

Basement Utility Flues
Basement Utility Flues
The love of hearth and chimneys haven’t changed over the years

Fireplaces in Fairway originally were used for wood burning fires, however, since then, a number of them have had gas logs added as an accessory to a wood burning fireplace. Many of these fireplaces were incorporated with bookshelves and other decorative wood trim, framing the hearth into a central adornment of the room. The furnace and water heater flues, now going on eighty years old, often did not have chimney caps originally. As such, years of rain and use has made most of these less than serviceable.  

Fairway Gas Fireplace
Fairway Gas Fireplace
Full Service Chimney, providing thirty years of service to Fairway

Since Full Service Chimney started serving the Kansas City Metro in the late 1980s, we have made ourselves available to maintain and, when needed, restore these fireplaces and chimneys to full function. A frequent need of these chimneys is the restoration of the flues. This applies to both the utility flues and fireplaces. Flue tile liners have, at best, a 30-year lifespan before their mortar joints began to wear away. Missing mortar joints in a clay flue liner may allow the escape of fumes, heat, and creosote to the combustible areas of the home. It can also allow carbon monoxide to leak into the living space. Full Service Chimney will perform a video inspection of these flues and determine the conditions. Should the chimney need repairs, the technician will take the necessary measurements and calculate a repair on the restoration project.

Damaged Clay Flue Liner
Damaged Clay Flue Liner
How can we serve you?

If your home is old, or it’s been a while since the chimney has had a good going over, don’t hesitate to call Full Service Chimney today. We will only suggest the service needed at a reasonable cost.  


A Quick History of Fairway, KS

“The City of Trees”, Fairway, Kansas, was settled by the Shawnee Indians in the 1820’s when the tribe moved from eastern territories. When white settlers began to move to the area, a mission, called the Shawnee Methodist Mission, was built nearby in 1930. The mission was moved to Fairway in 1939. The mission served as a school to teach natives labor trades and Methodist theology. It also served the purpose of supply store for Oregon and Santa Fe Trail travelers and a camp for Civil War soldiers until 1962 when the Shawnee tribe was relocated to Oklahoma.

The land was mostly undeveloped through the 1920s. In the 1930s, development began spreading from Kansas City. One developer laid out a subdivision near a golf course and Fairway was named due to closeness to several driving ranges. The subdivision grew and businesses were opened. Fairway was incorporated in 1949. Since 1950, it’s grown from 1,800 residents to almost 4,000. In addition to shops and businesses, Fairway offers residents a park, a pool, and accessibility to popular areas in Kansas City. The city still keeps the Shawnee Methodist Mission and cemetery open as a historical site for visitors and school field trips.

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