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The Chimneys & Fireplaces of Prairie Village, KS



Mr. Nichols knew homes in Prairie Village needed Chimneys

Prairie Village-Ks-Masonry Chimney
Prairie Village-Ks-Masonry Chimney

With the completion of his Plaza project, developer JC Nichols focused his attention on the communities of Johnson County, Kansas.  Prairie Village benefited from the Nichols company of residential development. These charming homes on winding, tree-filled streets offered residents a comfortable residence at affordable prices. All of these homes were intentionally built with fireplaces and chimneys, during a time when fireplaces were not required for heat. This shows the emphasis in home design was based on enjoyment, rather than a home containing only those amenities needed to exist. 

A community for family enjoyment

Across the many homes available in Prairie Village, every price point offers homes with a hearth and chimney. Many of these homes were part of the 1940 building development, and as such, they are approaching eighty years old. Full Service Chimney has been maintaining and repairing Prairie Village chimneys and fireplaces since the late 80s, so we are familiar with their unique features!

What makes Prairie Village fireplaces and chimneys special

Common chimney design includes:

  • Frequent placement of the chimney and fireplace between the living room and the garage 
  • The inclusion of the gas utility flue in the same structure as the fireplace
  • Floor level hearths surrounded by hardwood finish
  • A generously sized fireplace opening
  • Use of brick with dull earth tones
Prairie Village-Ks-Brick-Chimney
Prairie Village-Ks-Brick-Chimney

Full Service Chimney is a complete fireplace and chimney resource 

Due to the age of the fireplaces and chimneys in Prairie Village, Full Service Chimney has developed practices that pay attention to the whole system rather than of the individual parts.  For example, when servicing a fireplace, we also look at the gas utility flue to ensure the exhaust is able to escape the home. Proper exhaust helps reduce the incidences of carbon monoxide back up into the basement. We are also a big believer in the benefits of chimney caps for the prevention of debris and animal entry. This is especially needed for those tree-lined streets common to Prairie Village neighborhoods.

What’s the vision for your home and hearth?

Say that you have discovered that having wood fires in your fireplace is no longer a convenient activity due to the time commitment. Full Service Chimney has helped many homeowners in Prairie Village covert to a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces often have the features busy folks need like remote controls and thermostatic operation. We will also be there after the installation with annual service to keep that gas fireplace performing strongly for years.


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A Quick History of Prairie Village, KS

A large plot of farmland starred in the dream of real estate developer J.C. Nichols’ residential vision. The Lewis, Porter, and Coppock families owned 1,140 acres between the three of them in the year of 1865. Their families and friends grew up on the land and established a small community where the Prairie School was built in 1882.

In the 1940s, Nichols had completed the state of the art Country Club Plaza shopping area just north of the farmland with great success. He saw an opportunity for a new housing and shopping development to cater to working-class families, especially soldiers coming home from World War 2. Nichols purchased the land from the three families to begin developing. Homes were built from 1941 to 1949 and even won “Best Planned Community in America” by the National Association of Home Builders.

The Prairie Village shopping center was finished in 1947. An additional shopping center was completed in 1955. By 1960, there were already 25,000 residents living in Prairie Village. There are currently 21,000 residents and the six square mile city boasts nice housing, a strong education system, recreation, and commerce options for everyone.

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