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Read on to learn more about the city and its chimneys:

A Quick History of Westwood, KS

Westwood may not be well known to the rest of Johnson County’s inhabitants, but chances are that they have driven through it on Rainbow Boulevard and just didn’t realize it. The town, incorporated in 1949, covers one half square mile in the area tucked into the northeast corner of the county between Roeland Park, KCK, and KCMO. It also borders Westwood Hills, which voted not to merge in 1973. Although the city is small in comparison to its neighboring cities, it still offers its 1,700 residents retail and corporate options, an elementary school, a park, a community center, and city police. The city is proud of the pleasant and accessible community it has to offer residents and visitors. 

Masonry Chimney in Westwood
Masonry Chimney in Westwood

The Fireplaces and Chimneys of Westwood, Kansas 


Westwood Chimneys going on half a century of service

The homes of Westwood and the chimneys that serve them are over fifty years old. The character of these older structures is second to none. However, just like the homes, the hearths and flues have unique needs. With many of the homes, the availability of modern flue liners was hit and miss. The parging of smoke chambers and the sizing of flues are common issues we see with local chimneys.

The homes of Westwood were frequently built by non-commercial builders, so consequently, chimneys and fireplaces are one of a kind. Sometimes the flues are too small for the fireplace and too large for the utility flues. These issues found by Full Service Chimney are easily repaired. We have been servicing the homes here for thirty years. By staying abreast of the current technologies in the field of hearths and flues, we offer homeowners options to keep their home safe and their hearth enjoyable.

Damaged Crown in Westwood
Damaged Crown
Unlined Flue
Unlined Flue
Damaged Flue Liner
Damaged Flue Liner

Full Service Chimney is right at home in Westwood

Homeowners that have us out for an annual chimney sweep and inspection makes chimney upkeep far less expensive and easily handled. If it has been a while since you have had us out, contact one of our certified technicians today. We will take the time to discover what is going on with your system and listen to your plans for the hearth and fireplace. We would love to help you keep your hearth fires burning for years to come.

Woodburning to Gas Fireplace Conversion
Woodburning to Gas Fireplace Conversion
Westwood Gas Fireplace Design
Gas Fireplace Design

Take a look at Full Service Chimney satisfied customers in Westwood:

Westwood-Ks-Full Service Chimney-Satisfied Customer Map
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