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Annual chimney cleaning service is essential for chimney safety and performance. When one of our Certified Chimney Sweeps visits your home, nothing is left to chance.

Your Full Service Chimney Sweep has been sweeping and cleaning fireplaces and chimneys in Kansas City for over three decades. Over 16,000 chimneys swept and counting! Call 913-642-6171 now.

The key to a clean and trouble-free chimney sweeping is professional chimney care.

Why Does a Flue Need Cleaned?

The flue is the part of a chimney that directs smoke to the outdoors. Chimney Flue Cleaning is necessary to minimize a home’s and families risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide and to maximum chimney safety and enjoyment of a fireplace and chimney system.

Experts agree that yearly chimney cleaning and inspection by a CSIA Certified chimney sweep should be performed every year, for all chimneys.

Chimney cleaning service is necessary for two reasons:

First, having your chimney cleaning by a Certified Chimney Sweep will remove creosote. Creosote is a byproduct of wood burning and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in home and chimney damage across the Kansas City metro. Soot and creosote is not only a chimney fire risk, but also responsible for blocking the chimney flue liner, leading to a backup of fumes that push carbon monoxide into the home.

The second reason to schedule a chimney cleaning service is that it’s recommended prior to the annual chimney inspection. The Chimney Safety Institute of America, NFPA211, Insurance companies and countless chimney and fireplace manufacturers insist on a chimney cleaning service and inspection on a yearly basis.

How Much Does Flue Cleaning Cost?

The price for chimney cleaning service is $150.00*, when performed during a Full Service Chimney Inspection and Flue Cleaning, by a Certified Chimney Sweep. (Note: the cost of inspection is a separate charge and is not included).

Considering the importance of proper chimney care, a chimney cleaning is the minimal annual service needed for both safety and optimal performance.

Just as we visit the doctor for a check up or schedule an oil change for our automobile, so too our chimney and fireplace needs annual chimney maintenance to have a long life and perform it’s best.

How to Know it’s Time for Flue Maintenance

The passage of time and the amount of use are the two main factors in deciding if it’s time to hire a professional chimney cleaning service. Here’s a few things to consider that is good advice for both wood and gas fireplaces:

Several factors that contribute to a dirty chimney:

  1. Burning seasoned fire wood as opposed to fresh green wood makes a difference in the amount of soot and creosote build-up.
  2. If we burn “hot” fires vs. modest, smoldering, small fires, this will affect the amount of third stage creosote deposits. Learn more about how to build a good fire here.

When asked “How often should a chimney be cleaned” we suggest customers consider two factors:

  1. How long has it been since the last chimney cleaning? – and –
  2. How often has the chimney been used (per season)?

Burning a fire once or twice per year is different than burning a fire every night during the winter! 

If it has been more than a year since your last chimney cleaning, then it is due time for an appointment with a Certified Chimney Inspector.

It takes a skilled eyed to determine the needs of a fireplace and chimney system. Our trained technician will inspect your chimney and fireplace to determine if a chimney cleaning is warranted (Notethat all takes place during the same visit).

Allow a Full Service Chimney Inspector to take a good look at your chimney flue and perform a chimney cleaning as needed.

Consider the Original Chimney Company in Kansas City

For over thirty years, trained Full Service Chimney Inspectors have performed chimney maintenance in the local area. Most homes typically need a chimney inspection visit once per year, and frequently, a chimney sweep at that visit. By doing both, chimney inspection and sweeping, we’re able to serve provide the best value to our customers, while maintaining the highest quality of chimney service available.

Responsible Kansas City families have trusted Full Service Chimney Sweeps for annual chimney cleaning and inspection for good reason. Because the men and women of Full Service Chimney are dedicated to chimney safety and customer service.

For the Best Chimney Cleaning Service in Your Kansas City Area Call 913-642-6171 

*$150.00 charge for chimney cleaning is part of a Chimney Inspection and Cleaning Visit for a standard fireplace. Full Service Chimney always performs a chimney inspection on every visit and only offer a chimney cleaning service when needed. The charge for the inspection varies with the appliance, location of the home and other factors.

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