There must be leaky chimney’s all over Kansas City, since it’s been raining in the for over a week! Because mother nature shows no signs of slowing her wrath this Spring season, we figured it best to spread the knowledge regarding the damage that rain can cause a chimney and fireplace.

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Source: Infographic and Information Provided by Chimney Saver

Cycle of Water Damage in a Leaky Chimney:

As seen in the ChimneySaver image above:

  1. The crown is your chimney’s first line of defense, against weather and seasonal elements. A cracked or damaged crown allows water to enter and begins a cycle of deterioration.
  2. An application of CrownCoat or CrownSeal fills open chimney cracks and coats the entire chimney crown with a most durable and watertight membrane.
  3. Water absorbed through the brick and mortar can cause brick delamination or spalling and be channeled into the interior of your house.
  4. ChimneySaver Water Repellent stops the waters absorption and its detrimental effects. It will not change the appearance of your chimney, but help maintain it longer.
  5. Loose, damaged, or missing flashing is a major source of water penetration and the damage that results.
  6. FlashSeal is like slipping a rubber boot over the base of your chimney, eliminating water and moisture from getting inside and causing damages to your home.

When water penetration is left unchecked causes EXPENSIVE & EXTENSIVE damage. Stop your chimneys water leaks before they happen.

A Full Service Chimney Sweep can help with a ChimneySaver application and other repairs to stop leaks before they start. Serving Johnson County and the Greater Kansas City Area.  See all areas we provide chimney service to on our locations page.

If you have a leaky chimney, DO NOT WAIT. Call Full Service Chimney before it’s too late. 913-642-6171

Let our Certified Technicians inspect the unit inside and out. We can help solve a leaky chimney problem, often in as little as one day (especially when our clients call at the first sign of water). Remember, the faster the problem is addressed, the less damage is done to your chimney… and your pocketbook!

Image Source/Download PDF Brochure: ChimneySaver

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