A New Chase Cover Stops Water Leaks on a Prefab Chimney


  • Chimney Chase Covers, in addition to Chimney Caps, keep your fireplace safe and dry.
  • Water will leak in old and rusted metal covers, causing damage to your fireplace and chimney.
  • Water damage from rust and rot will make the fireplace and flue pipe a fire hazard.
  • Keep your chimney dry, so it will keep you safe.

If your home has a prefab fireplace and chimney, then there may come a time when you notice a chimney leak. Full Service Chimney recently had a homeowner with this problem. After inspecting the chimney inside and out, the chimney inspector shared with the customer that among other things, they had a damaged chase cover.

He explained:

“At the top of the chimney, you have a rusty chase cover. The chase cover and chimney cap keep water out of your fireplace flue. Like a metal chimney crown, prefab chimney chase covers are sheet metal (typically: galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel). Chimney metal covers have the job of closing off the wooden chase passageway that the fireplace and chimney are located.”

Prefab chimney chase cover before new stainless steel chimney cover is installed


What the prefab chimney chase cover at the time looked like at the inspection by our chimney inspector

Prefab chimney chase cover after new stainless steel chimney cover is installed


After a NEW Stainless Steel Chase Cover was installed on this prefab chimney by our CSIA certified technicians

Chimney Leaks from Chase Covers

This customer’s galvanized sheet metal chase cover was old and had heavy rust damage. Holes in a chimneys metal cover can allow water to leak in for years! Rust had stained the outside of their chimney siding at the top. Since the chimney cover was letting water in for several years, the fireplace, chimney liner, siding, and chimney chase had damage.

This customer allowed us to stop the leaks and make chimney repairs. Our team installed a new chimney metal cover that will prevent water from entering for years.


Stainless Steel Metal Top Covers

The Chimney Sweeps at Full Service Chimney love to install stainless steel chase covers. Why? Because they are beautiful and stay good looking for years after installation.

Compare a Damaged Rusty Chase Cover Before and After New Chase Cover

Every time our techs inspect’s a prefab chimney and fireplace, they suggest the replacement of rusty and leaky chimney metal covers. Stainless Steel metal chase covers are designed to prevent rust and leaks. If they are sized properly, then they are as durable as they are attractive.

Stainless steel chase covers, in addition to preventing leaks in the fireplace, protect the siding and framing of wood chimney chases. If the area around a factory built fireplace and chimney is allowed to get wet, wood rot and mold begin to develop. Often this chimney damage can go unnoticed for years, making chimney chase cover replacement more important than most people realize.

Water Will Make a Chimney Dangerous

Water damaged prefab chimneys and fireplaces can be a fire hazard. If the fireplace and chimney are damaged, sparks, heat, and fire can escape to the surrounding wood framing. If a leaky chimney cover is allowed to cause water damage, the entire wooden chase and fireplace often have to be replaced.

Fireplace Cracks from Water Damage to Prefab Fireplace
Rotted Chimney Chase Wood Frame water damage
Rotted Corner of Prefab Chimney Chase
Leaking Caused Rotted Wood Chimney Chase Close-Up
Rotted Wood Studs on Chimney Chase from water damage

We explain to our customers “If we can keep your chimney dry, then it will keep you safe” and small repairs now will avoid expensive chimney rebuilding in the future.

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