Prefab Chimney Chase Cover Install

Recently our certified technicians inspected a home that had both a masonry chimney and a prefab chimney. The prefab chimney looked to be in good shape other than the chase cover. A chase cover is an important part of a prefab chimney. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between the liner and the chimney chase. Since it can pond water, it must be water tight to prevent leaks which would ruin the fireplace. Below you can see a before and after picture of the chase cover. This chase cover is beginning to rust and pond water, as water ponds on a chase cover it may begin to leak. In the second picture you will see the new stainless steel prefab chimney chase cover install on this homeowners chimney. This chase cover is stainless steel so it will not rust. It has also been installed in such a way that water will not pond on top. Preventative care of a fireplace and chimney can help reduce larger costly repairs in the future.
Prefab chimney chase cover before stainless steel before new one is installed

The look of the prefab chimney’s chase cover at the time of the inspection

Prefab Chimney chase cover install. This picures shows how a stainless steel chase cover should look.

After a stainless steel chase cover was installed on this prefab chimney by our CSIA certified technicians