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Chimney Sweep services are an annual maintenance offered in combination with our inspections. Regular maintenance of a chimney and fireplace system is essential for safety and optimal performance.

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As a Chimney Sweep Company, who has dedicated 30 years to cleaning the many types of chimneys found in KC, Full Service Chimney masters the craft of clean chimney sweeping, for the best possible experience every time.

Creosote can be a messy and a flue fire danger. Your Full Service Chimney Inspector can provide you chimney safety… without the mess. Guaranteed!

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Do You Need to Clean a Chimney?

Yes, it is recommended that you hire a Certified Chimney Sweep Technician to clean and care for your chimney. But the question is why do you really need a chimney cleaned?

Why Does a Chimney Need Cleaned?

Chimneys need a good sweeping because using a fireplace or even allowing it to sit untouched for a year can cause a chimney to get dirty!

A dirty chimney needs swept to remain clean and safe. Whether you use a fireplace for warmth or just as a beautiful hearth in your home, keeping a clean chimney is a necessity.

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How Does a Chimney Get Dirty?

A chimney gets dirty by a build up residue, we often call soot and creosote. Both naturally occur by burning gas and wood. Without a proper cover on a chimney top, animals, tree leaves, twigs, or other natural elements can enter the chimney leaving behind a trail of environmental debris. It's at this time, a chimney sweep can help.

Similar to how a table gets dusty whether it’s used or not… Over time a chimney gets dirty whether you burn wood in it or maintain the fireplace just for its beauty and aesthetic value that a nice hearth adds to a home.

What Happens If You Don’t Sweep Your Chimney?

Creosote build-up in the flue is the leading cause of chimney fires that threaten the home. Dirty soot can also fall from the chimney into the home causing a mess on nearby furnishings.

How Often Do You Need a Sweeping?

More often than not, customers call to schedule an appointment due to the foul odor from the messy soot and creosote.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends a chimney sweep if 1/8-inch of build up is present. (Even sooner if you notice smelly glazed creosote!)

All of your furnaces flues, and gas fireplaces need annual chimney service to maintain good performance levels and to reduce the chance of carbon monoxide leaks into the home.

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Our Certified Inspectors Will Not Cut Corners

The key to your trouble-free chimney sweep experience is proper preparation.

When a Full Service Chimney Inspector visits your home, there is nothing left to chance. In addition to basic operations, we also take time to find out what customers expect from us.

Your technician is a skilled professional who has taken the time to study the trade and become a Certified Chimney Sweep.  Our staff strives for excellence when serving the local area homes and families.

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We Listen to Your Concerns

The details provided during the initial consultation are important because it lets us know what to look out for to help detect any underlying conditions while cleaning the fireplace and chimney. It all happens because when our customers express concern, we actually listen.

A short conversation is part of our inspection process. It allows our inspector to understand how the fireplace is operating and determine whether you’ve experienced any recent issues.

It’s surprising how details from this quick and friendly chat can help us catch issues that we may have otherwise missed! It is these extra moments that allow us to identify the true cause your chimney and fireplace troubles and solve them to prevent future problems.

For this, we must thank you, our customers for providing us the opportunity to keep earning the quality reputation we’ve built over 30 years as a chimney sweep company in KC. 

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If you’re ready to hire the best chimney sweep near you, then look no further and call us today at 913-642-6171 or reach out if you have questions we are always happy to assist.

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