Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance is Important

Home maintenance is usually an inconvenience.  Just when we think we’re on top of things, something happens.  Peeling paint, loose shingles on the roof, tricky doorknob, something comes to our attention every few weeks. For our customers it’s usually an issue related to a chimney or fireplace.

Household upkeep is a never-ending chore for as long as you own a home. At Full Service Chimney we understand this and insist on not only providing expert craftsmanship in all things chimney, but we make home and hearth repair convenient.  To have a fire in your fireplace shouldn’t be a struggle, and keeping water and animals out of your chimney need not cost an arm and a leg.

Valuable Service at an Affordable Price

Our value to you is chimney and fireplace service that is simple and affordable. When our service people visit your home, they will be pleasant and professional.  If repairs are needed, the scope of the issue must be understandable. If you want a certain feature with your fireplace, you deserve options of how to achieve what you want.

At Full Service Chimney, we take quality customer service as seriously as we take chimney repair and maintenance. This explains why we’ve had so many customers calling us for routine maintenance every year, for the last thirty years.

You deserve the best and the owner, Robert Berry, insists on this level of commitment to each and every customer. We serve the entire Kansas City Metro and many surrounding areas. Make sure to check out our Services and Locations pages to find out what we can do for you.

Our office team is always ready to help, if you’d rather give us a call, we’re available Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM and we promise if you leave a message on the weekend a real person will call you back on Monday!

Allow Full Service Chimney to serve you and your chimney needs today. Call 913-642-6171