Before we jump into safety watch this Fun Retro Public Service Announcement “Keep the Monster Out” featuring a voice that almost everyone knows!  🙂 A truly timeless classic PSA that is still extremely relevant today!

Spreading Local Awareness for Fireplace and Chimney Owners

Understanding how to safely maintain a working fireplace and preventing fires go hand in hand. Our team helps to raise awareness all year long, but during Chimney Safety Week (and the rest of the Month of October) we release additional content and a series of posts to help the community learn more about chimney safety and preventing fires in your home.

What is National Chimney Safety Week?

National Chimney Safety Week is a public awareness event that starts at the end of September and kicks off October. Geared toward maintaining safe chimneys, it is hosted every year by the CSIA.

This event is followed by another week-long effort geared toward general fire prevention by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

The rest of the month is National Fireplace Month! 

How the Safety Event Got Started

National Chimney Safety Week was started by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), a nonprofit organization, run by a board of volunteers dedicated to the education, training, and certification of chimney industry professionals.

CSIA has been the industry leader in chimney and dryer vent maintenance education since 1983. Their ultimate goal is to inform the public about the danger of chimney fires and other problems related to the maintenance and performance of chimney and venting systems.

Getting Involved in Local Fire Safety

Our local Kansas City company is proud to employ CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps and a handful of support staff. Part of our team’s mission is to help spread awareness to the public. It is with that motivation that we put forth our best efforts to educate homeowners on how to use their fireplaces and gas appliances safely and understand the role that annual inspections play in the health of your home’s chimneys.

Many homeowners do not know how critical an annual chimney service is to maintain the homes resale value, but more importantly to keep the family that lives in the home safe. It’s our job as industry professionals to get the word out to our local KC residents.

Tune in to our Facebook and Twitter pages to get linked to more information from the chimney and fire prevention industries as it’s released. Stay Safe everyone!

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National Chimney Safety Week is the best opportunity for the entire chimney and venting industry to work as one to promote safety to the general public.” – CSIA

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