Certified Chimney Sweeps are our HEROES!

It’s National Super Hero Day.  We want to say thank you to our team for helping local people prevent home disasters. We couldn’t be more proud of our team.

Rain, shine, or quarantine, our Certified Chimney Inspectors & Repair Technicians and are working hard to help the good people in our local communities prevent chimney fires.

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Fires in the chimney can be caused by many things. The primary reasons are blockages, excessive creosote build-up, or fireplace malfunctions.

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More Dangerous Than You Think

Over 22,000 chimney fires happen per year, causing injury, fatality, and over $125 Million in property damage! Certified Chimney Sweeps save lives every day by helping homeowners prevent chimney fires and fireplace malfunctions. 

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Everyone knows the real heroes in every community are the first responders like Police Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), and your local Fire Fighters. 

Chimney Sweeps help you make sure the Enginemen never need to visit your home. (At least not due to a chimney or fireplace that hadn’t been serviced in a few too many years). 

Chimney Inspections are recommended at least once per year on ALL TYPES OF UNITS.

Whether you have a wood stove or fireplace insert (of any kind); gas logs, direct vent, prefab or manufactured fireplace chimney system; pellet stoves, or even ventless units. *This is not a comprehensive list, but you get the idea. 

It doesn’t matter what type of burning system it is… if you have any sort of gas or wood-burning appliance in your home (or other building/property) then you need annual maintenance to maintain the integrity of the unit and keep the system working properly.

firefighters on roof putting out fire flames

It’s not only “burning” systems, but do you have a clothes dryer? That’s a danger too and needs regular maintenance to prevent accidents from happening due to the lint build-up and debris clogs.

Learn how to prevent dryer fires with dryer vent cleaning.

Do These Pipes Look Familiar?

Gas Furnace Water Heater Chimney Flues

Yep. We all have them and they’re called Gas Chimneys. Otherwise known as a Gas Furnace, Gas Water Heaters or Boiler Systems. 

Full Service Chimney™ Technicians also inspect Gas Furnaces and Water Heaters to prevent carbon monoxide leaks and keep the unit working at optimal efficiency.   

It’s one thing people tend to forget or never think about! Especially new homeowners, who may not be aware these units present a danger to the home and family. 

Chimney Sweeps Can Help

Full Service Chimney™ offers a variety of specialized services and are experts in chimney and fireplace care. It’s our job to make people aware of the need for regular maintenance. We do that with every call and every visit. But it’s your job too! If you own a home or string of properties, then consider the consequences of slacking on chimney care. 

If you live in a rental home, then you should consider asking the property owner when the last fireplace, chimney or gas appliance inspection was done. 

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