Our crew just finished a Prefab Chimney Rebuild in Leawood, KS that ended with a raving review from a satisfied customer. We asked the crew to share their thoughts about the job and its challenges.

Owner of Full Service Chimney and longtime chimney guy, Robert Berry (CSIA #2203) notes that our biggest challenges on this particular job actually worked to our advantage.

It was a physically demanding project completed during the hottest week of summer. The chimney re-construction took place on a hill with the need to build intense scaffolding before the technicians could even start to install the new chimney system.

This factory-built chimney installation required us to implement all the knowledge gained from many years of chimney construction training.

It’s important to keep utilizing the skills we acquire and that’s especially true in a specialized trade such as the chimney industry.

Repair Portfolio

Repair Crew Reports

The project was led by Certified Chimney Sweep Jake CSIA #9362 and here’s what his chimney repair team had to say:

Certified Chimney Sweep | Shane Turner CSIA #9810:

“It can be difficult to set up scaffolding. This particular set up needed 6 sections. Since the house was on a hill, we were not on level ground, but our team was up for the challenge. We used outriggers and vanguards with two sections on the roof and bars going across to help make the scaffolding sturdy.”


Assistant Repair Technician | Kevin Thomas 

“I’d say our biggest challenge was the sun and heat. We stuck to the plan and had experienced technicians on the job, so we were able to create a safer workspace using tarp tents. We paid attention to the weather and recognized the heat, so we took hydration breaks to make sure the team was at our best, that way the job went as planned!”


Certified Chimney Sweep | Chris Terrones CSIA #9506

“The entire Full Service Chimney team worked together and came up with a bulletproof plan. From start to finish, each department had a hand in the experience. From the scaffolding setup to a series of leak tests we were able to uphold our core values and satisfy another life long customer.”

Test Flashing to Prevent Leaks

Careful attention was given to water and performance issues common to prefabricated chimney products. Here’s a video that shows a chimney cricket during leak testing.

Watch our repair technicians dump two 5-gallon buckets of water at the base of the chimney to test the integrity of new step flashing. This mimicks a heavy downpour of rain and helps us catch any potential errors and fix the issues before the prefab chimney construction project is complete. 

Customer Review:


“Full Service Chimney replaced our entire chimney box with a solid structure that is now properly anchored to our roof and holds paint much better, overall vastly improving the look and soundness of our house. From the quoting process to the end of project and clean up everything was on schedule just like we planned, every day the crew left the job site tidy and organized and all the chimney experts working on our project were on time and helpful with explaining the procedures and showing us many photos of progress along the way. Bordner Roofing recommended Chris at Full Service Chimney to us and we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Many thanks to Chris, Jacob and their crew for being thorough professionals every step of the way!”  

– Review By: Cecelia  – Zip Code: 98109

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