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Chimney Chase Covers are the roof to a prefabricated fireplace. So important are chimney chase covers, that even a small hole can be the major cause of chimney leaks. Your Full Service Chimney sweep provides metal chimney crown repairs and replacements. If you have a prefabricated chimney, then hire a chimney sweep to ensure your chimney safety with a stainless steel chase cover to replace a leaky metal chimney crown.

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A leaky chase cover can ruin a prefabricated fireplace and chimney chase in just a few weeks. Full Service Chimney provides the homeowner's waterproof chimney chase covers that last a lifetime.


  • Standard Stainless Steel construction provides years of rust-free service
  • Metal chimney crown replacement, Custom made from exact measurements
  • Installed by Trained and Certified Chimney Sweeps
  • Chase covers must be proper, to ensure a watertight finish
  • For most homeowners, the last chimney top they will ever buy


Full Service Chimney #1 in Chase Covers

Chimney-Repair-Chase-Cover-Kansas-CityThe most important part of a chimney's defense against the elements is the chimney top covers. Water and animals are a constant challenge to the home and the chimney top must be of proper design. Chimney Chase Covers that are flimsy are destined to be chimney leaks in the future.

Chimney Chase Covers for prefab chimneys and factory-built fireplaces are vulnerable to leaks and deterioration, just like their brick chimney crown at the top of the chimney. The key water-shedding protection of a chimney chase is the chimney top, that is, the Chimney Chase Covers and Chimney cap. With the lifespan of a builder grade Chimney Chase Covers as little as 10 years, chimney care of chase covers is a regular chimney service with us at Full Service Chimney.

Our custom Stainless Steel Chase cover last for decades, designed and built for corrosion free service to your home. Full Service Chimney replacements of chimney chase covers with stainless steel offer years of corrosion free service to your home. Installed by trained craftsmen who plan "this will be the last chimney top cover needed here."

Ask your Chimney Inspector about Custom fitted Stainless Steel Chase Covers, installed by Full Service Chimney.

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